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For Emergency Repairs call 904-813-0551

Wallace Contracting Services, Inc. offers 24 hour emergency services for but not limited to fire, water, and mold. Upon receiving your call we will have a professional to your location within 2 hours. Not sure it is an emergency give us a call anyways, tell us your problem and we can determine if the issue needs immediate response.

Flood Damage

If you're looking for emergency flood services in Jacksonville, Florida, then you've come to the right place folks... When you are looking for a flood recovery that you can trust, that isn't gonna take advantage of you in this time of need, we will provide you the qualified service you are looking for. Water damage repair can be quite a task, but we pride ourselves on not cutting any corners. The last thing you need is mold damage too.

Water Damage

After a home or business flood, water extraction is a necessity. We offer a 24hr water extraction service in Florida, we go out of our way to do a proper job and not cut any corners, our workers are all fully qualified and have years of experience doing this. They are very skilled at all of the restorative drying techniques, guaranteeing that your place is 100% dry in the end. Because if not, that hidden moisture will lead to water damage and then the mold will move in. And mold can be very dangerous to a person's health, not to mention a huge cost that you will eventually need to fix. We use a combination of vacuum devices and strong pumps to drain away any and all of the excess water that's hiding anywhere. We're extremely good at locating any water, hidden out of sight. Like in ceilings, walls and floorboards, if there's anything we'll find it...

Mold Removal

If you're looking for a mold removal company in Florida that you know provides an excellent level of good quality and reliable service, then you've found them. Mold can be an extremely hazardous thing in a person's home or business, it's very important to recognize this danger and get it dealt with. It's actually better to not even touch it yourself, unless you have the protective gear to get up near it and take a sample. You can simply call us and we will come and provide you the professional assistance so you can put this episode behind you. Handling mold on your own, or being exposed to it on a daily basis can be extremely toxic for a person, it's will trigger some serious medical problems in people too, often misdiagnosed as something else completely. If you have a mold infestation, you will notice unusual stains on carpeting walls, ceilings, and a stale smell in the air...

In the event of a flood, extreme weather damage, or even a fire, damage to your building's external or internal structure will probably be the result. We are here to take the burden of repair and cleanup. With our trained staff, we will have your problem sorted in no time. Allowing you to put this mess behind you.

And the Occasional Car in Your Place

car in house emergency repair service

Commercial Build Outs

As a leading commercial build out company in Jacksonville, FL and with many years of experience in the field - we have helped design and built some of the city's best commercial edifices.

Also as general contractor Jacksonville, FL firm- we handle all kinds of commercial construction projects no matter how small or large and this is because we have some of the best builders and engineers in our employ, and with state of the art equipment to help us achieve all projects in very quick turnaround time and with the best of industry standard, yet at competitively priced fee.

As full-service contractor in Jacksonville, we offer commercial construction for new buildings and also commercial build outs with remodeling services for new and existing commercial buildings.

We have a team of world-class professionals that are licensed and certified as building experts in the state and thus can handle all of your commercial projects such as restaurant revamps, retail renovation and office build-out amongst others.

Our technical know-how and expertise in every phase of the building industry with project management skills - fully equips us to handle all categories of jobs and to surpass every challenge that may arise during a commercial build-out project or renovation.

With us, you can have peace of mind that your Jacksonville commercial build outs will be done precisely as required and even surpass your expectations, as we always deliver more than we promise to everyone's delight.

As a super well-organized general contracting company for commercial constructions in Jacksonville, our workforce know how to coordinate and work well with each other and we all know exactly what's expected of us in every building process. Such oneness and focus of purpose with great communication line, allows us to run on a constructive time schedule and consistently meeting important completion dates, while also working in and around business that must remain open at all time during construction.

Working with us will always be an absolute pleasure as we always pay attention to every construction details so as to produce only the BEST!

Contact us today and you will be glad you did, because you will be in good hands with us, as trusted by all in Jacksonville!

home repair

Many home repairs are DIY, but for all the others there is Wallace Contracting Services, Inc. We are a full service contracting company. Many jobs may not be safe to do yourself, or just need that professional touch let us help you with that. We guarantee your satisfaction, see our Satisfaction Policy. Our trained professionals are more than capable of handling your problems from carpentry to a full remodel. All repairs will be made in a timely manner. Need an emergency repair call us 904-813-0551 we offer 24 hour service.

new construction

Do you want a home or office built from scratch? Wallace Contracting Services, Inc. will get it done right and fast, no one wants to wait for their dreams to be built why should you? Quality products? Every one of our builds are made with the most up to date materials available and installed to the highest standard, so your property is worth the most it can be.

With over 30 years of service in this industry we pride ourselves on being able to say that we built all types of construction from porches to over 2,000 sq.ft. homes. Our dependable staff can handle any service that you need.

Thinking about a remodel, now more than ever is a great time. Interest rates are at historic lows, so now is a perfect time to invest in home remodeling before rates increase again. There are many reasons that you might be looking to remodel and we are here to help in that process. Want that new kitchen but unsure how much it is going to cost? Give us a call we will give a free quote. Still unsure here is a few things for you to consider.

  • Homes like everything else needs maintenance and repair.
  • Protect your investment and increase its value. There are many value-adding remodels that can be done. Simple things like siding or adding a small bath.
  • Energy efficiency is a great reason. Better insulation, L.E.D lights, and tank-less water heater not only add value but save you money in the long run.
  • Modernizing an older home is a great way to make it a more functional for today’s family.
  • Adding outdoor living space like decks or patio can give you some much need extra space, and not to mention a cool place to relax in the summer.
  • Bathroom remodels often improve comfort; in addition to adding value to your home. Adding a bathroom to your home could increase its value by up to 20%.
  • Kitchen remodels are considered the king of all remodels. Normally when we move into a home the kitchen works but is rarely the way we would like it. Get the cabinets, counters, and appliances installed to your desire. Whatever your budget; we will build you the kitchen of your dreams.
shower remodel remodeling

Home Additions often increase the value of smaller properties and give some much needed functionality, so that all members of the family needs are met. The increase population of the aging generation has stirred many homeowners into building grandparents suites, so that their parents can age with dignity at home while close to family and keep some of their privacy. Plus building these kinds of structures are often more cost effective then assisted living facilities and Nursing homes over the long run. Another reason homeowners might want to have an addition built is to provide additional income for the home owner with an over garage apartment. Whatever the reason, homeowner should research carefully the types of additions that contractors are proficient with and have experience doing.

Popular home additions are: adding to existing structures, pool enclosures, garages and decks.


We have expert framers, concrete form makers and tile workers working. They can install everything from cabinets and carpet to mosaic tiled entryways in foyers. They diligently work to make everything square, plumb, and level. At WCS we make every effort to stay on schedule and under budget.

Architectural plans are used for landscaping, updating curb appeal, and for accurately estimating the cost of home modifications; and any new construction project. Designs need to be assessed to assure that the materials used are rated to survive environmental standards for the area. All of our projects are designed by an architect and analyzed by a structural engineer to prevent any structural failures in the future.

Design styles of homes change because the need of society changes, many in society today are concerned with being "Green", using non -toxic materials in order to have a healthy living environment and using efficient heating and cooling method for the region of the US they are building in. In addition to social change there are other purposes to certain styles of architecture such as economics, crime prevention and traditionalism. WCS is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of all our construction projects wherever possible.

Fact: 60% of all energy consumption in the US is building related.